There is plenty between light and darkness. There is much that we cannot comprehend in seconds. We will have to take minutes, hours, days, months, even years. Or maybe never. We talk about the future which is indeterminate, and is yet to come. We struggle through time with what is now here with us, that it may not wither, but flourish amazingly  with the future.

We seek growth and reasoning to what is in our hands. We all fight to feel the best of what the world offers and what people offer. We always want to be part of something great. Something worth dying for. But that’s just us, seeking, fighting, desiring, and needing. That’s just life. That’s just us.

This blog is exclusively deep thoughts that are deep seated anguish; a disturbed feeling of what is inside that constantly surfaces. Then and only then, it is captured, criticized, and carved into words with great skill and pure honesty.

Because the mind is a vast place where insights flourish and seek freedom of expression. They seek embrace and action. They fight to be heard. It’s therefore our responsibility to talk and write about what’s inside our heads. All that we’ve achieved and which we still dream of, we embrace it no matter the costs.


We always seek reasoning and meaning. So lets find it.

For the warmth comes with a price, so does wisdom.