Humans are made to feel

If it is to communicate about our fate,, we all have a story to tell. I have a story to tell.

And i will try to do it so well.

In life there is the don’ts, do’s and the dears. There are good moments and bad moments. The fears and tears.

But we are told to embrace that. “Embrace life, it has much to give.”

Many of us think about being alone a lot. No commitments, no expectations and no relationships. Well, we don’t only think, but we also execute the thoughts into actions and eventually becomes our style.

Isolation is rather our habit. We tend to smile to ourselves and laugh at our own jokes. Talk of “masturdating” ; taking ourselves out on a date and treating ourselves alone.

Kind of silly, right?? 

People are different and life tends to hit differently, and we choose not to depend on someone emotionally. 

There is no specific motive that fuels us. Only the urge to feel independent of our own emotions without any other source affecting our “tides and waves” of reasoning. 

We  choose to be single.

To be free.

Unfortunately we are wrong about something.

Humans are made to seek others. We are made to feel love, hate and other things that tend to trigger us emotionally. 

That is the reason why we have spaces in our fingers. Its for someone else to fill them.

Even though we have the will to say no, still we are bound to that fate (to feel). 

But the road of isolation only leads to zones of sleepless nights and self criticizing which makes us  pale. Talk of the temptations and the green eyed monster. Can you withstand two people or more smiling, laughing, holding and embracing each other? 

As for me i cant. I will find it helpless deep down my nerves and tissues. 

All those alone times is like hell. It eats away the molecules that makes you human,  and leaves you experiencing a life that one has to fight in order to resist natural orders of life.

Being alone isn’t being free. Its being in  chains. And the longer you get chained, the harder it becomes to free yourself.

What is the point of loosing the humanity in you and living a life that is not worth it?

We aways think we are doing the  right thing. We say we are  living our life, because we are at the steering wheel deciding its course.

No. Thats isn’t the right  way to live.

 We all need each other. We need someone by our side.

 When we are angry we need someone to vent to, when we are sad, we need someone to tell us its going to be alright. When we are happy we need to share that with someone. To us friends and lovers are a necessity.

Though each one of us has a different fate and destiny, we are still connected.

And this means that being alone isn’t being free. Its being afraid and weak.

Even though you try to isolate yourself from others, you will still experience heart breaks and disappointments.

We all have to face our demons. 

Not hiding from them.


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