There is plenty in the eyes

Things that happen in our life seem crazy and strange. Unexplainable and unmistakably beautiful. Sometimes we wonder if really God exists because it’s hard to connect the dots of humanity and the worldly events. 

Life is a bit amazing, it cannot stop fascinating us. Living on earth which appears flat and yet it is spherical. Covered by a blue sheet that has white scars of different shapes, which resizes its shape and color according to its purpose.

 The sun which is blazing all day, the moon being fair and the stars twinkling in the sky. The air that we breathe is it there natural or it is recycled through the living things? Things are hard to imagine and explain. Sometimes you just have to shove your questions deep in your darkest memories so that you cannot ask at all.

Elements of peace, love, trust and kindness are determined by what we do. Humans are tied to this earth. There is gravity pulling us down to our deepest realities, and magnetism that pulls us closer to the darkness within, till we are on the verge of exploding all our humanistic traits. Life won’t stop surprising us. Looking through the mirror what do you see?  

Through the clear water, what meets your eyes? Mirrors tell us what lies in the limits of humanity, the wisdom and the infinite knowledge that is hidden. Even under all this inventions we still don’t find the real course of humanity. Questions like, why are we here? Why do we do the things we do? There are many things that we don’t know, we are still in darkness.

We choose what is good for us even if it is bad for others or rather ourselves. Each morning comes with a renewed event, and hope for others.  If only these questions could be answered, then we could be satisfied. Curiosity killed the cat; I hope we are better off than the cat.


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