Lets write, its all we have got

Many people talk about feminism and male egoism. They talk of gender discrimination, discrimination at large, and social degradation. Including politics, these topics tend to run us mad and fill our mass media with their smiley news.

Politics define our relation to the government. Both our constitutional fundamental responsibilities and the social issues affecting us.

That’s the reason people write articles. That’s the reason why we have blogs. We want to define our lives, both experiences and thoughts. Its all about expression.

I wake up in the morning and find my head filled with heavy thoughts that make my fingers tremble. And the only way to stop that, is to write. Express myself through words.

Some stories are far fetched, and others are right before us. They can be interesting or rather disappointing. There are those that are fairy tales. Some give us hope, a dream of a far better world than this one.

Hope of new life.I’m not sure where my stories come from.

Experiences or just reasoning? Or maybe  glimpse of thoughts that tend to linger, and need expression, or rather explanation.

I read a lot than writing. Perhaps its because i believe that acquiring knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

Other times i write in metaphors, building blocks of letters  to beautiful castles which only need a kingdom and their king.

Subjects and their ruler.

Suzanne L. Halt once said,

“Reading, if it is to be communication, is reading with a sense of the writer. And correspondingly  writing, if it is to be communication, is writing with a sense of the reader.”

What a greater thing is there for letters, than to feel they are joined for life,  to strengthen each other in words,  to rest in each other in sentences,  to minister each other in paragraphs and to be with each other in unspeakable memories of writing.

So lets write and talk about emotions. All that we’ve achieved, and which we still dream of, lets embrace it. For the warmth comes with price, so is wisdom.


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