In the name of love

Would you carry me in the depths of my despair,,,??

If I was walking in the fire,, would you care,,, ??

If it was only going to hurt,,

Would you let me stay in light and go to the dark,,???

Just to jump start my heart,,,

Would you get yourself burnt,,

In the name of love,,??
If I lied again and again,,

Would you trust me,,

Spit out the poison and pain

In the name of love??
If I told you I’m not worthy,,

Would you still hold on to me,,

Would you embrace the ugliness beneath,,

And kiss the thorns in me??
Would you let me search beneath your darkest secrets,,

Would you fall in deep depths,,

Just to hold me one last time in darkness,,

In the name of  love,,??
Will you rise me up from ashes,,

Will you hold me night and day even though I’m full of curses,,,??
I want to know

How far you will go

And  do it all

In the name of love


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