Embrace the happy moments

I’m open every minute to people i want closer with. I’m in places that guarantee scenes of spellbinding.  Moments that have heavy smiles,  full of joy,  and with ripe memories of sweet scent.  

I’m free with people who give me a memory.  A memory to breathe with every gulp of air at each second. 

Holding on to a feeling that only glitters with sparks of happy moments,  its what i want. 

That’s what i like. 

Giving in completely to happiness is my priority. A choice i already took.  I road that i follow. 

These are the moments.  

These are the moments that make  me whole.  These are the moments that make me forget the storms in my life, and i don’t doubt myself with the worst moments I’m about to face.  

I don’t have to curse for ages.  I don’t blame or cry neither. Because when  darkness makes its way to me,  the moments and memories of happiness become my shield. I tune in all that i love,  and the darkness within me fades.  I’m still whole and happy. 

This is what you should do.  This is how you should live. You should be happy. 

It doesn’t take much,  just a moment or a memory that makes you shine,  and lights up your world. It burns away your sorrows,  heals the pain,  and makes you let go of all the faults.  

That’s the feeling,  that’s the sensation you need to put right beneath your heart. Let it stretch with the heartstrings.  Let it rise with the heart beat,  and it will work the magic. 

Just like in a photograph,  these happy moments and memories should be intact. 

And you will be happy. 


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