You have got plenty inside your DNA

You are perfect in your own circuit. You are great in your own boundaries.  

You don’t have to push hard to make your voice loud.  

There is a reason for everything. So don’t hate yourself for who you are, or what you are. 

Everyone has a purpose,  so don’t take yourself for granted. Look through the stars,  and you will find where you twinkle.  Open your mind to impossibilities, stretch your arms wide to unleash the greatness in you. 

You have it in you. If you cant see,  its because your mind is negative afflicted. Be positive and optimistic, then show it off. 

I once thought i wasn’t made for great things. I made my way through the trash.  I thought my purpose was just to live with nothing to believe. 

I was wrong. 

Beneath my hands rested the potential and the map to follow. I had it all,  all that i desired.  What drew me back was too much hatred and guilt that blinded my strength and the light before me. 

All i had to do was rise up like the morning sun, and make my way through the broken paths.  That was my purpose. To fix the broken glasses for others to see their reflection. 

In the middle of the crisis its where we are supposed to know where the light is.

This means you have to both work hard and smart. See through the walls. See through darkness. 

Remember life is a journey,  we all have a destination. Its upto you to know where you are going. Be patient and aggressive when it comes to your journey. 

You have got a lot inside your DNA.  Don’t waste it.  Open up your wings and fly. And when you fall,  don’t give up,  just try. 

You will soon touch the sky. 


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