I was talking a walk this morning to town when several thoughts hit me.  My agenda was just to buy some a pair of shoes.  I needed to add something on my shoe stand. Well,  my agenda changed,  instead i went through all the shops that sold clothes.  I didnt buy any of them,  but i just admired them, “i will come tomorrow for this one. Make sure no one buys it. “ Deep down i knew nothing of the sort was going to happen. 

I wasnt going to come back,  tommorow,  and the days after either. 

A thought that lingered in my mind while i was in those shops,  made me write this article. 

What is respect,,??

Is it acceptance or understanding,,??

Is it a form of identity or  rather a peaceful acknowledgement of diversities among people,,??

Is it getting to know limits and boundaries,, or keeping thoughts of chaos to yourself and giving in to the differences.

In simple words, respect is respect. Knowing the diversities of people, both assumed and factual,, but keeping a reasonable limit of expression, is what i call respect. Its true we are different, but we are not that distant. We are all bound to some ground of humanity,, pieces of imperfection. The forbidden fruit says it all.
Respect is acceptance through understanding a reasonable drive behind any action.
We choose what we want to for we have the will. Sometimes the choice is offered to us or rather it chooses for itself. This is perfectly normal.

Of course the choices or actions wont be appealing to others,, and that happens most of times.
Respect comes in accepting the boundaries of expression and either try to help them carry on with their choice, or, try reasonably and peaceful (without harming the relationship that you share) to discourage them from their choice.

Everything is all about the respect. Love, trust and relationships. 

Acknowledging the potential of someone is respect. That is first step of believing in someone. 

 Because when you respect yourself, you are capable of respecting others.  And when you respect other people,  they will respect you too. 

Yeahh,  tit for tat is a fair game.  You will earn your respect when you respect others. 

We all have our dark sides and we cant help but expose it through our choices and actions.But then, we are only human. Not gods.
Respect is giving in, in someone’s manifesto and weighing their possibilities of success. That is respect.

Respect is acceptance.

Respect is understanding. 


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