​I Haven’t Given Up On Love 

I haven’t given up on love, because just like the sun rises to welcome a new day with its warm, marvelous, golden light spreading across the corners of the world – ever illuminating, searching and exploring – i too haven’t given up searching through the souls for the right one.

I haven’t given up on love, because just like the sun sets its foot in the day, it does not ask why.

It majestically sways its hips patiently  with slow and short steps as it never shrugs its shoulders with worries of yesterday, but solicits the path that lies ahead proudly.

I haven’t  given up on love, because even though i lay low solely sometimes in the quietest and calm waters holding on to my heart with my bare hands, i believe that one day, the sky will open up to me as if i were its King.

And the chosen one for me will descend upon the clouds with songs of praise. 

Just like the sun in a rainy and a cloudy day, though it stays hidden behind the dark veil with dark grey curtains drawn unto it, eventually it comes out blazing with glory.

I haven’t given up  on love in spite of the heart breaks and the bruises  that i still find hard to bandage, nurse and heal. The pain which i gathered in pursuit for a worthy love resurfaces sometimes, but I’m yet stubborn. I haven’t given up in love just like the sun’s everlasting rising from the East.

I’ll blaze with fury as my heart seeks out what it believes in. I’ll journey across, above and below. I’ll give out all that i can without weariness. 

I’ll sacrifice if i have to, and when the night kicks in, I’ll never be shaken, because i undoubtedly  know there’ll be another day  for me to rise and commit to my course.
 I know, that in spite of the dark clouds and heavy rains that thunder all over me, I’ll become clean, unshaken, shining like never before and prepared for the resumption of my quest. Love.

I’ll still love, just like the sun will always rise to mark a new day, and set, to  keep us prepared for a trustworthy tomorrow.


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