Don’t Just Be Yourself-Be Your Best Self

There was a time years back when i had a crush on a certain girl. She wasn’t just beautiful, she had this power over her that shone bright through her skin and her face. She was a kind of girl who gives you premature ventricular contractions. The one who dazzles and like a moon in broad daylight, she ruled over at the very heart of … Continue reading Don’t Just Be Yourself-Be Your Best Self

Be Comfortable With The Unknown

I met a friend who was going through some hard stuff recently. Everything had become a nightmare for him and destroyed his life. He was completely broken and so angry at how things had become so messy that he was afraid everything was beyond salvation. He had experienced a total disaster. “There were times when things seemed to be working out. My struggle seemed to … Continue reading Be Comfortable With The Unknown

What Creativity Really Means

Someone once told me that we are are all blacksmiths, and its with our strength, ideas, and skills, that determines if our work with the iron is interesting and fruitful, or so dull that it yields losses. He said we are all blacksmiths in the market where people come to buy our items. And these people include our fellow humans, gods and also angels. “We … Continue reading What Creativity Really Means

How To Live With Yourself

THE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE Life is great, sometimes kind, loving and merciful, generous and friendly. It is also messy, rude, so stubborn, a fiend, pathetic and arrogant, harsh and brutal. In simple terms it has two sides just like a coin- the head can be so inspiring and amazing, while the tail can be disgustingly unfair. That’s just life and we have to live anyway … Continue reading How To Live With Yourself