Clichés That Actually Work

We all need space to be ourselves. The space to be. Don’t chase after people. Chase after dreams and ambitions. Relationships are two way and when you find yourself pushing for a connection- always struggling with the antenna to point in the right direction of both your lives- while the other party is reluctant or unresponsive, just quit. Some people don’t value the effort as … Continue reading Clichés That Actually Work

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

It’s hard to imagine what life will be like ten years from now. With all the rapid changes taking place and the unforeseen outcomes, it’s so damn hard. It’s also tempting when thinking about the past, especially the moments when life was less stressful and we were at our best. We keep admiring the past and desperately wish the present unfold the same as those … Continue reading It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

The Only Person You Can Absolutely Count On, Is You

I woke up this morning from a deep sleep with no dreams. I woke up feeling tired and hesitated before I made up my mind to get up. The weather was chilly outside and the sun was nowhere to be seen pouring its crimson light as if anticipating a greater day for both us. Grey clouds spread all over the sky and it was a … Continue reading The Only Person You Can Absolutely Count On, Is You

The Art Of Living

Living is a process. And that process quite involves our unfathomable existence. We are dragged and dropped in this world from nowhere- quite frankly, its from somewhere, although it raises a lot of questions if you come to think of it keenly– to being someone. Living is a process that involves us growing into maturity. Unfortunately some of us don’t get to. That privilege is … Continue reading The Art Of Living