Our Scars Are Stories; History Written All Over Us


I’m that guy who searches for a story within the broken paths and tells it to the world when I’ve found it. I believe that everything and everyone has a story beneath them. There is always a reason for their being and within their feet you can find scraps of adventurous paths they have been to. And those swamped with nightmares, pain and sufferings. They are just soaked with testimonies and through their stories we can feel, if not grasp entirely, what they have to say, that can add value in our lives. We just have to be stroked gently on the right place and we will pour out our testimonies and insights.

We all have scars, and when illumined through the broken clouds upon the waters of our lives we always swim in, they glow desperately. If you look deeper into them you’ll see the worlds they have been to and hear soft voices speaking. Bits of meaningful inspirations and motivations lie beneath them and they will present themselves if only you accept them. You’ll see the very reason of their existence. You’ll understand them and share their concerns as you learn to understand both life and yourself.

Our scars have stories not told over a cup of tea, but told when we are free and all we can do is listen and grasp heartily. Because in those scars there are lessons learnt, harsh truths realized, new ways-but much better- are improvised, and there is awakening in our minds.

I prefer stories which seduce you to ruminate on yourself. Stories that writhe around you and hence you feel this massive wave of ideas and insightful discoveries wash over you. I prefer real stories. Stories that come from real experiences and how those people went about them and even succeeded in coming out clean, or becoming a better person. We are not enough to experience everything by ourselves because we choose different paths and therefore, different conditions and circumstances set foot in our lives. Thus each one of us has a different lesson learnt from a different scar-which some may be emotional, physical, or spiritual.

But if these stories are summed up, or otherwise told by the victims themselves to the world, then we get to learn from them. And become aware of how different we are, but, more importantly, we understand that we are not that distant. Because we are all scarred and can relate to each other through those scars, thus, we all have a story to tell.

Steve Maraboli;

My scars tell a story. They are a reminder of times when life tried to break me, but failed. They are markings of where the structure of my character was welded.

The best stories are those which are pure and we can find lost pieces of ourselves calling out to us. We see ourselves through the words and we get to reflect on ourselves, wholly. I love it when the truth hits hard because I know it’s worth it. No lies, neither sugar-coating nor false hope. Uncertainty is always there, but I love when the honesty crushes all the misconceptions we’ve tucked in our blankets to keep us warm. I love it pure, even if it pierces through my imperfections.

Our scars are stories; history written all over us.

I read somewhere along the threads of stories in the internet that we are born with clenched fists; our fits are closed and within them, there are gifts that God has installed for us. As we grow, the gifts manifests to some of us while there are others who have to search the scraps of their gifts on their palms. Because they’ve opened their fists, but they’ve found nothing. So they try harder, and sometimes desperately. And sometimes they get hurt and depressed.

For some it takes days, while others months and there are those who toil and moil through the unsuccessful years. The unfortunate might even never find the gift hidden in their fists. Sometimes they are there but they just need a greater force to awaken their potential. They need so much from us.

Sometimes opening your fist isn’t enough. Some gifts have to be triggered because they have been stuffed deep in our souls. You have to rip yourself apart and open your soul. The best and the precious gifts are hidden in the walls of your existence. Finding them takes much than just having an urge. You must have a heart that endures suffering. Believe me when I say it’s only through darkness that a bright light is born. And it shines with a radiant energy. Sometimes we have to suffer in order to prevail because the process shapes us and builds us to be disciplined when wanting to become more of your best self.
All victory comes after a battle. And you’ll have to be bruised when in a battle. People would scoff at you and you might be broken or frozen. But that’s what it takes to want to prevail in victory. You need to fight through chaos and squeeze yourslef through the crowd.

Darkness rips us apart, so sew yourself up and embrace your gifts. Embrace your scars.

Our scars speak; if you only listen. Let them speak to you. Listen with all your heart and soul. Learn from them, then tell a story to the world of how you battled and won. When they ask you to prove yourself, don’t be afraid, show them your scars. Trust me, they’ll relate and they too, will learn from you and definitely learn from their scars.

Aspire to inspire not only yourself, but others too.


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