It’s Only When You Keep Pushing Things Move

Our movements should inform our paths- how we press hard and how our energy is maintained despite the terror.

We can never fully predict where our steps will take us. We are never certain of the people we might meet and give our hearts to them while we care for theirs. We never know who and what is supposed to come at the right time for us to rejoice and be happy. We just move on, making random choices and increasing the pace of our steps, because we have faith in ourselves and the life ahead. Thus, we leap for what we want to achieve with so much strength.

Most times it’s by coincidence that we get to meet people whom we will learn that they are much better in person than what we thought of them at first. We search through their lives and struggle passionately to fit our packed lives in theirs with our adjusted dreams- that are now supposed to accommodate them with so much compassion and love.

Most times it’s with spontaneous choices that we weren’t fully equipped to face their consequences, but we made them anyway, and beautiful things get to happen. Thus, we experience an adventure from which we learn about certain things about ourselves and others.

Despite all the fun stuff happening in these random movements through life to make use of our time and values, there are horrors too. Horrors that we can’t escape and they break us down most times. Our beliefs become disrupted and our faith is burnt to ashes. We look around in fear and hence we doubt the very steps we are about to take.

Be that as it may, life isn’t there to inflict pain as its primary course. Life wavers uncontrollably, but sometimes we are lucky to get hold of the ropes behind it and we are able to pull and push towards our desired directions. And in that moment we feel so much alive and our molecules vibrate to the rhythm of our own melody. Hence, we become so happy.

Having said that, it is not that I fully understand life and that I’m wise. It’s just that I accept life as it is. Needless to say, when the time is right and the sun is bright, I, with all my strength and passion, I tip the scales of life to my victory. I subdue seconds, enslave minutes, scrap hours and invest all I have through the days.

I know there are times, as dark as a coal, I will be broken and I will fall on my knees. I know there are times when I’m dried out and my spine is stretched thin on the wall, and my energy is constrained. And my feet will become sore and my heart will be hurt and my spirit will flicker in the terrible wind that is blown by life.

Even so, I accept it anyway. And I live every day, in every way I can.

I know sometimes life will sweep me off by my feet with what it has unfolded upon me. And my beliefs, values, and dreams will be tested every single day if for sure they are fully intact and are so promising.

I just accept life as it is, both with its jagged fangs and soft embrace with its joys. I accept it all, because for sure I don’t know who pushes the wheels of time and orchestrates tomorrow. I don’t know who decides my fate, but I still don’t care to know because I know it’s still up to me to harmonize with everything that is happening to me.

There is nothing genuine about the future. You just have to plan, then wait and see if it will all come to pass. And if it doesn’t, just keep on pushing your way through because life is all about alternatives. And it’s only when you keep pushing things move.

Life is just life, and it will be that way, either fair or unfair. And we have got to live with it. It is what it is.

Nothing is ever made to be easy, but if it is to you, then you are lucky. So celebrate and rejoice.

We have to accept and live peacefully, both through troubling times and those overflowing with warm smiles and loud laughs. We have to accept. And keep pushing. We have to persevere and keep fighting. Always.



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