Being Human

There is always that feeling that we have to become something more and having more. There is always that feeling that drives us crazy.

We are the only species who are pressured to more than surviving. We want to thrive. Animals don’t do that. Animals don’t have ego or pride or desires and keep thinking that the sky is the limit. They just do what they do best: hunting and feeding. Us, on the other hand, we are much more obsessed with divinity and status. And the need to exercise our energy to push harder even if it’s not enough, but we still push- because it is never enough. We keep pushing towards a higher notch. And that is us, humans.

The only thing that matters is time. Quite frankly, we have trouble putting time into use because we never know when we would be wrapped up with death. However, we still keep pushing like we have forever. We keep chasing days and years so that we can find paradise on the ground.

As long as you feel the seconds cluster together and the minutes lash out and the hours humble themselves through your movements, then you are alive. And being alive means you are supposed to make use of your time with something so constructive that you will rejoice in it. Something that will impact both your life and of those around you.

Being human is the hardest thing to be. Let me put it this way: the world/society keeps pushing you around to a certain state that people see from the same sets of eyes, and then there is you; you want to push yourself so that you can own your own sets of your eyes. It’s with this fight of wanting to be yourself for who you really are and cultivate who you want to be, that we get to learn a lot about ourselves and makes us wonder how we are capable of thriving. And when we fail, we hide away in pain. And that is normal.

Here is the thing, if you feel bad, just feel bad and agonize. If you are hurt, cry out loud and shed plenty tears as you can so that you can get over it already.

Because if you don’t let yourself feel that moment as it is- so raw with its pain when it’s blooming with lessons- even if it’s so bad that it might break us completely, because you will break eventually- but you break when everything and everyone around you needs you most.

Sometimes it’s just simple: get hurt because you were trying to love and care, but not because you were trying to avoid being hurt. Trust me, you will be broken at some point, because that’s the price we pay of being human and wanting to be part of something big.

Accepting who you are and where you are and what is served before you makes it just easier to live. The only thing that really matters to human is time. And time cannot be owned and saved, but it can be put into use.

Procrastinating isn’t that bad, but its only bad when you keep thinking that there is always a next time. Now is all we have got to rationalize, compartmentalize, actualize, realize, and not otherwise. The past is there, but it is vague and it doesn’t matter that much. The future is yet to come. But it won’t happen if you don’t work out on your present for greatness.

Every human doesn’t want to feel upside down or be left out. We just want to feel alive (whatever that means). We want to feel ourselves as a part of something big. We want to feel love and be at peace spiritually, emotionally and physically. And that makes us not to punch in the dark saying what we want, but we actually go out in the world and work on whatever makes us feel so alive that we don’t have to guess what we want and how to get it.

Mind you, these thoughts of wanting to be something more than what we see ourselves to be are the ones that inspire us to keep searching for opportunities to make it happen. And when you don’t find any opportunities then just come up with yours.

We are the only the species whose mandate is not just to hunt, eat and live. We are tasked beneath our DNA to multiply, and that includes what we have. Yes, the world is congested and probably almost everyone fights to thrive, but never stop. Because stopping is not up to you; its death’s choice. Death should be your barrier to your dreams and all that you have worked for. Death should be the one to deprive you of your time. And not yourself. Since you breathe, keep moving and keep pushing.

Be human. And find meaning.

Being human is just losing yourself with time, but then finding yourself in time. And then finding others. And that’s is our purpose. All of us.


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