The Art Of Writing

Some words are like broken glasses; they cut you deep in your skin. Some words are like kittens; you hold them close and caress them. Some words are beautiful, and they twinkle like the stars; calling out you. Some words are cold, ruthless and in pain, but they still speak out loud; of what ills them.

I came across a blogger who was disappointed in the fact that her writings weren’t amassing any captivating response. She was cold and angry at her work- that it was what she love, but her writing expressed unrequited love. She spoke of how she had put her heart and soul, but the fruits of her work were unripe. So, she couldn’t take it anymore and she decided to quit blogging and writing.

I thought I should talk about this because at times I feel that way too. And I know there are plenty who feel this way out there- staring at the work of their hands with a painful, hopeless and fading eye contact.

I tend to believe that the joy in what we do comes from how many people show us gratitude that they have been touched by it. The joy of loving something/someone comes from how vivid they love us back. And sometimes we fail to commit ourselves because only a few people appreciate us, yet we have put all our energy into it. You feel as though you are shouting into a deep empty well, and you are not sure how loud your voice is.

Everyone believes they deserve greatness in what they do, thus they put into use everything at their disposal to make it work. And when it doesn’t, we become angry, and sad. And the rage that we have drives us mad. But the truth is we don’t deserve anything. However, what we choose to do is our own burden to carry. Consequently, what we choose to love is our responsibility to nourish it with our energy. What we choose and what we gain from it is entirely from our the energy we have put. Not that we deserved it, simply because we just did it.

What you feel can be written about. What you crave can be put into words. Because a good write comes from the heart and the mind- when you are happy, or sad, or angry. It’s when you are consumed, or overwhelmed, that you tend to feel something as raw as it is.

Thoughts, Moments, and Writing.

Most times writing isn’t about style. It is how the writer captures a moment or a thought as it is.

Such that when you read what has been written and captured as it is, you wonder in amazement, “did this person sneak in and fit in my shoes? Because it feels like so.”

Want to be a better writer? Just be a better thinker. Learn to master your own thoughts. Recollect them and pile them up because they determine what you feel. Your body reacts to what you see and touch, but the mind determines how the body reacts.

Ideas come from anywhere, but mostly it comes from a habit that your thoughts are sparked when they have found a resemblance from either the open world, or within the pile of thoughts themselves.

Ideas come from thoughts, and those thoughts build a mass of emotions that rhyme with it. So that you can fully build up more thoughts in a single content, with a single wish; of expressing what you feel.

A good writer is who is consistent with his/her thoughts. He/she expresses them vividly. So be consistent. Because consistency makes you reliable. When you are always available with your words, people will always come looking for you; and they will find you. And they will just want to drink from your fountain of words that captures moments and thoughts as they are.

These are the burdens that we have to carry because there is joy in their doing. There is peace in their making. And there is love in their sharing.

Within your words, the trick in trying to help people in anyway is not to make decisions for them, because they will make that one decision that you have given and they will think that every broken pieces will magically mend themselves. That’s not a good thing to do. If you want to help someone with your writings, show them the possible ways which can save them from their miseries; as you have experienced, or per your intellectual thoughts. And yes, they will need to sacrifice some old habits, beliefs, and negative perceptions. We all have to sacrifice.

Show them that the world is a better place if they not only focus on the pain and suffering, but how beautiful they can make the world be with their renewed choices and steps.

Show them how beautiful it can be, if only they believe in what they do.

You can’t change the world. You can only change how you see it. You can’t change people, but you can give them a new reason worth believing. You can help them become who they wish to be just by capturing moments and thoughts as they are.

When you write about something- mostly about yourself, or your thoughts- you take it off your chest. And that should be enough for you, to keep you moving. Because you can write in the sense of the reader, but then it depends with what you feel, and what you think is worth sharing.

The voice is always in you, and it doesn’t mean you should stop projecting it just because you are shouting in a vacuum and it comes right back at you. The best part of expressing yourself is that most times you need to hear yourself for what you have to say. Most times you need it most, more than you could ever imagine.

To hell with response or applaud. You said it, and that’s it. You made it clear, both to yourself and those who might come across it.

The only thing we have for us to define ourselves is how we express ourselves. Either through writing, or just speaking, or through music. It is crucial to note that hindrance always comes from within us- when you doubt, or you are afraid that it’s just pointless and ineffective.

Because everything you are doing is entirely for you. And when it’s for you, those who feel the same the way, become part of you. So you resonate with them. And you rejoice together.

And together, our thoughts go round the world; each opening up and showing how authentic it is by touching the hearts of others, by moving masses, saving people from their misery, calling out for hope, love and affection.


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