A New Day

I love one thing about mornings: they are so heavenly.
Mornings are just perfect. I love when it marks the beginning of a new day. I love when the sun welcomes the day without anyone’s consent, just to prove how powerful it is. The sun just penetrates the sky from God-knows-where, and with its short strides that blaze evermore at every length, it lights up the world across the sky.

I love how mornings are filled with so much innocence, that we always tend to believe its new and, additional positive choices and beautiful moments have been wrapped up within. And they await eagerly for us to unwrap them.
So we say reformed it is. Perhaps mischievous, but we believe it has room for calculated consequences, and the path to victory will hopefully be opened unto us.

I’m so obsessed with mornings, and that is why I do not leave my bed right away after I have woken up. I stay a little longer to enjoy the energy that is so young and zealous. I absorb it with passion while letting go of the worries beneath me. I let my body drench in the energy, and that is how I inspire myself. Or let me say, that is how I meditate.

We both know some days are unforgettable and their horrors contaminate the coming days. And the lability of this world, its apt to fluctuate, is quite overwhelming.
And we also know that just knowing doesn’t make it okay, but it is the first step. And the first step is always being at peace with what you find destructive or overwhelming- that it is a consequence of a certain event, and either you or someone else had a play in it. Then branch further to point out the possible way to redeem yourself.
Because even though the previous days were hectic and horrendous, a new day offers us a room for improvement and a chance to fulfill our dreams.
More importantly, we get to do things differently, at least we depart from insanity as we uncover what we missed from our previous encounters.

Yesterday I woke up with a start. A warm morning weighed heavily upon me. It was like a new world was descending upon me, because I just felt like I had been graced with the power of alarming nature, the gazing sky and the blazing sun. I felt a new day awaken deep down my soul, and all the energy was unleashed. The fact that we need signs to keep us intact and inspire us, just prompted me to feel like a shiny day stood naked before me, and called out to me softly, asking me to dress it with whatever I had in mind.

I was just energized and felt light, like nothing held me back completely. Even the anticipation with fear, which we have to gamble with our hearts hoping to triumph, was untraceable. I saw myself as the sun, and I shone hot and bright. I was just ready for anything. I felt capable of accomplishing my tasks. So I simply took it as a sign from the heavens and made myself productive. Because at that moment, all I could think of was being at peace, and the days yet to come were not to dismantle the exertion of that feeling which enraged me.

A new day is just a new day. And a new day is packed differently. New opportunities, new inspiration and new meanings ride by its side. The first thing I always ask myself during most of my mornings is: “what accomplishments have I failed to attain, and will they tolerate my urge to start something new?”
It is a simple mantra that not only kick starts my mind, but it also guides me through the day.

The truth is, we need guidance. Either from within us- the part of us that is rational- or from other people imbued with reason. But we sure hell need guidance. And it is not because we cling instinctively to impulse as we battle nature and its course, but because there is so much chaos out there and, without guidance and direction we end up stumbling over the obscene, pointless and dim-witted things that only debase our dreams and deprive our goals the absolute passion in their fulfillment.

What makes us strong is not the muscles, because time is agitated to unending varying moments- and when the moments are enraged with hostility, even with our muscles we surely are no match. We are swept away with the vicious horrors which have bonded into one brutal reality which we drown in and succumb to its darkness.
We are but strong because of our discipline, and maturity. Sometimes we stay up late if needed be, and we rise up early in the morning because a new day comes with a new responsibility.

We are carved out from the days we face, and more importantly, how we face them. This clearly means we are but the sum of our choices.
And each day marks a new beginning, a new accomplishment, a new discovery, a new lesson, a new love to share, because it is new. So we become new.

We are renewed with each day. And when the sun rises, or the bird whistles, or instinctively inspired, then it’s the right time to be up and about, ready to rejuvenate our dreams, goals and choices.

A new day has begun. Renew yourself.


4 thoughts on “A New Day

    1. Mornings are just amazing as evenings. Mornings enrich the beauty of our existence, and the nights recollects the same beauty and it fills it with peace, silence and organized noise which is more beautiful.
      Morning is about preparation, optimism and readiness to act. The night is about energy, hope and peaceful relaxation of the positivistic mind towards a new day.

      Thank you for reading. Nice time.


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