Commitment Is A Question Of Character

There are people who think relationships are more about sex and involves dependency.
And life is all about the extent of freedom to unruly behaviour.
However, there are people who believe relationships are all about honesty and responsibility.
And life is all about the extent of how far they are willing to go in accomplishment of their dreams, and taking care of others.

Because being real doesn’t utterly mean stating facts all the time and being dead serious at almost everything. Or being consumed with who did wrong and who is to blame, or who failed who.
Simply because reality is somehow entwined with the perception we harbor, thus it changes with the experiences we face and what we learn from them.
And most times, if you want to be happy, you have to loosen up a little bit, but learn how to hold yourself together with peace and contentment.

You see, purpose is developed, and made whole with the steps we have chose to fully commit to. And moments, memories, relationships, and connections are built with our own raw energy and the time we set aside to focus on that particular sensation; while we build ourselves as a collective entity- regardless of our flaws.

Life is all about giving, reaching out (not necessarily caring and loving to show that you really do, but simply caring and loving because that is what you choose to do) and you are willing to go far just for another soul, and also willing to undo some choices in your fully packed life to embrace what gives more meaning to you.
Life is all about creating, making, sharing, developing, committing and building something amazing that will not only light up your world, but even those of others.

We should commit and grow, because when we believe we create something great not entirely for ourselves, but for others too; when we have faith we develop, together with others; when we trust we share with others; and when we love we care for others.

Be at peace and make it happen.
These little habits of meditation, self awareness and accountability are crucial to humanity.
These bits of kindness not only inspire other people, but they do nourish our own souls and we feel inspired to hold on and invest in what we believe in.

A reason to hope and to surviving, lies in what we commit to- what we believe in and what we choose to give our lives meaning. And even when things go bad, or we are betrayed and get hurt, we still find a way to shine. We still find a reason to commit. Just like the sun, we rise to face a new day afresh.

And we know that when we commit to people, it isn’t about how they make us feel, but how deserving they are. It isn’t about what we think we should do, but rather how we choose to spend our time and energy to give meaning to our lives.

Commitment isn’t about us, but what we commit to- we want to see it thrive, so we invest generously.

Because we sure know that there are genuine things which enrich us with joy in their making, and peace in their sharing. And there is love in their faithfulness.

Commitment is a question of character, of refinement, of value, of virtue; of which compels us not to just act with cravings, but a refined generosity and understanding.


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