We Only Live Once

There are statements we say but don’t actually mean them. I mean we truly comprehend their meaning from within and we try to project it verbally, and perhaps emotionally, but never to a point where we truly mean them and are so willing to execute them physically. We don’t act on them. We just say them to show how observant we have been and how well aware our minds are of the existing lessons of life.

Statements like: “you only live once” or “time is money” or “time fades away and it never returns”. How often do we just say these kind of statements and just continue living the kind of lives we have always used to- of being driven with fear of rejection and failure, shying away from pain and procrastinating and ignorance? How often do we just say these statements and keep waiting for the right moment to act?

Because it’s not always about the right moment or the right person. It is not entirely about being meant to be or the perfect timing.

It takes effort and action in seizing the opportunities that are present in the open world. It is about the zeal; how far you are willing to go, and how much you are willing to sacrifice for a noble course and for what you believe in.

It is about the courage and prudence of execution. It is always about the inherent inertia to push forward even when times are not friendly.

It’s true we only live once, and that time fades away and it never returns. But acknowledging is not enough. Living up to that statement’s standards; by enforcing on our actions, and not postponing any decision or step, but just doing it without fear of failure or rejection.

The fact that we only live once and that time is limited, should be our greatest motivator to not worry, but just act; to not fear, but just push through; to not speculate, but affirm our desires.

We live once and there is a time we will be gone forever, never to return. The light in us will go out.
We should act on the dreams and plans that we have always tucked under our fantasies, waiting for them to magically happen.

Time is money, meaning that every second we spend should be rewarding, and every moment should be meaningful and profitable to us. And this means that we should energize ourselves, provoke our minds to strategize and organize our strengths in focusing on what it seeks and the opportunities that present themselves, to meet our demands.

When you find something meaningful in your life and you start working hard (giving it all your love and tapping on your underlying potential), it means you have little or no time for things that do not add value to your life.

Our time is limited, so why not use it wisely? Why not spend your time building yourself, and accomplishing your dreams, and bringing your desires to reality?


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