The Real Victory In Life Is In The Instant Connections We Make

If you haven’t still figured it out, life isn’t just about solitude success.

The real victory in life, or rather the beauty of life, is in the instant connections we make; and the joy and the adventures we bring to each other with the inspiring power to do what we love; and the willingness to positively impact the lives of others.

Whether we are helping each other create solid moments of unforgettable laughter, unimaginable happiness and immense kindness, or sharing the innocence of our love and building our personalities as one collective entity, that is what entails being human and embracing humanity.

Even so, success is through opportunities and action, and that is inspired with how well we connect with the world. How well we embrace ourselves- both our flaws and strengths.

Life consists of appealing and fleeting moments. And just for a moment, right then and right there with what we do, what we have and what we share, it is real. And that is just amazing for us.
Because living is just believing that we are worth it. And not just to build our self image, but to be happy with what surrounds us- that is friends, family, even strangers and lovers. We have to connect on a deeper level- not of dependency and demanding attachments, but of understanding and peaceful coexistence.

We tether ourselves to existence with the people we bring close to us and those we openly share the light in us, as we embrace theirs. Because in this life, we don’t particularly give in to people, we only submit ourselves fully in the moments that those people create. And it is these moments that enlighten us with morality, inspire us to greatness, warm us with kind deeds, as they amaze us and provoke us to creativity.

We tether our lives in what we believe in and the people we hold dear. Because it is the beauty of life to feel the warmth of our whole existence and that of others.

The ability not to just live for ourselves, but rather finding ourselves by loosing ourselves in others while we try to find them, brings us close together. And that is the ultimate feeling of being human: connecting with one another.


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