The Changed And The Unchanged

Things change at some point. And sometimes they never do- they just stay the same- even when we have tried all we can to precipitate the change. Even so, sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes it’s just worse.

And even in between, as we exist, we have to experience all that and face the facts as they reveal before us: if it’s what we want and still can have it for ourselves, or what we so much desire and still can’t have it, or what we so much despise yet our experiences are so imbued with its horror.

We are haunted by time, and the consequences of our thoughts and choices. We often remain untethered to moments. We remain unconnected, and in a flash, we realize all we have lost. Hence the pain and regrets become so unbearable and we try so desperately to escape the real world- we hide under the sheets of our dreams and hopes. But our absence to the real world deludes us that escaping and hiding is for the better. Yet the real world often catches up with us, and we are left to pay the price- and it sure is expensive.

Life is a mystery, perhaps which we can never solve. But living, existing, experiencing and connecting, these known principles are what we can deduce. These are the things we can comprehend its truths by applying rules of logic, regarding the inborn feelings defining humanity.

Yes, mysteries exists and enigmas are our nightmares, but to make the most of it out of our lives, we should unriddle only those we can. Only which defines the kind of lives we want for ourselves, and that means the little things that we always ignore.

The petty things are what makes us. Those that we ignore because they are mundane and seem so repetitive throughout history, hence boring; however versed we are in the ways of the world, we need them.

Because you will agree with me that living is a matter of beliefs, faith, attachments, commitments, dreams and hopes. And that is what drives us to do what we do. It is the way of the world. Sometimes it’s so predictable to other people, but that is what we are capable of- and most times that is what we love.

We should rather practice to take what we can have, and when we struggle to get that which seems hard to reach, we should be disciplined and be so much aware that it is really what we want and what we love so much.

Because there is no greater thing than love- whatever you do and whatever you touch, you are just inspired because a profound feeling of trust, security, and caring affection spreads like wildfire within you.

We should be grateful, and accept that sometimes things are just the way they are, and some cannot be changed- let alone be comprehended. It’s peaceful that way. And we get the luxury to focus on those that matter, those that are here with us, right now. Those that we can touch, we can feel, we can share and we can rejoice in.


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