You Don’t Find Love, You Become It.

You don’t seek love. Neither do you find love. You just become it because the ability to love is engraved in every fibre of your being. You accept what rings within you, and you let it all out to the person (or people) you hold dear.

It’s like soft tendrils from within, they grow long and encircle you tightly while it just feels like you are in no control over what you want, or rather what you need. So you just want it and need it anyway.

See, when two celestial bodies cross paths in space and time, they either collide and crash; sending their broken pieces in different directions, or they just collide and they both change their directions; and they move in one direction.

This means that chemistry only exists when two people have collided, or rather met and spend sometime together.

So, if you say you seek love, then it’s warmth and attention that you seek. You want to escape the idea of not having someone to hold dear.
Love is a choice, but also a feeling. And like all feelings, you just don’t go looking for them, but they tend to exist in the choices we make right now- and not entirely for ourselves, but especially for others.

Love just happens. People just love. And it’s often hard to explain how that works and why. But what we feel individually, is enough to say we are in love.

Because when our choices towards someone conform with what we feel, then we have indeed become love.


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