Learn To Communicate

We all have issues beneath our nerves and tissues. We walk with wounds trying so hard to heal them. We all claim wounds, and scars that tell stories of the paths we have journeyed. We all struggle with something- either from within or maybe we are trying so hard to cope up with the outside world.

And some of us have been alone -or are still alone. And we practically raised the people we’ve become by ourselves.
And we have learned so much from falling and picking ourselves up. But still, the wounds we have engulf us with their pain. We combust inside. And we tend to lose sight of the things we have always dreamed of.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, depression, pain and life in general. However, naturally, we always want to suppress what we can’t handle and what consumes us, or escape it in some way.

Be that as it may, we are all built for evolution. We adapt and make our way through the challenges and harsh conditions around us.
But how we evolve- whether we move forward or regress- is up to us. Whether we choose to drown in the pain we feel and the regrets we have, or rise up from those same grounds and do something good, it’s still up to us. It all depends on what you choose. But I know we all want peace and joy and laughter and just to be amazing people in an amazing world.
So, where your attention goes, where your energy flows, and how you do it, determines whether it will help you to rise up above the water and swim ashore.

Learning to communicate is the process of healing if you focus on the process itself.
Let the rage out and craft it.
Talk of the pain and you’ll see you are not alone. And there is help.
Appreciate life and tell stories, or just be a story. Share and connect. Be free to ask for help, because we all need a hand and inspiration in ways we can never imagine. We all need testimonies to motivate us. So communicate.

Let it all out. Pry yourself open, and say what you feel and ask for what you need. Be free to say what aches you and don’t be afraid to say NO! or DON’T! or YES, RIGHT NOW! or PLEASE.

If someone is hurting you tell them to stop. Be fierce and speak out what you want for yourself. If someone is better than you ask them how they do it and what inspires them.
Let the pieces fall into place then show them to the world. Sometimes people don’t listen, but don’t be blown away. We achieve something that is truly what we need when we mentally choose to enjoy the process itself.

Communicate. Even when it is uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal is simply letting everything out.


4 thoughts on “Learn To Communicate

  1. Love this. I do it with my poetry. Putting out a new book soon because it is the way I deal. Obviously it would be nice to sell but it doesn’t matter. The communication of feelings is so powerful for the self. Great posts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is so powerful for the self. It quietens our demons and when we open up, we feel free and ridden of the weight of the world. Thank you very much for your comment. And I cant wait to see you poetry.


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