The Struggle Of Letting Go And Forgiveness

My weekend turned out to be a disappointment. Well, some people made sure of it.
You see, it sure is hard for you to face another day when someone has ruined your day. That cloud of disappointment, heart break, broken trust, hatred and anger hangs above you as it rains over you. And you just can’t stop shaking from the cold thinking about the ‘why questions’: Why did they do it? Why did they do this to me? Why? Why?…

In all honesty, pain comes raw even when you’ve been hurt before. It is fresh, it feels like you’ve never been disappointed and hurt all at the same time before.
That is how I felt.
I was sad too.
I couldn’t help myself think and wonder. I even forgot that I knew people are people and they are capable of doing anything: both good and bad.
I almost made choices that would probably harm me, because in that moment of pure sadness, anger and hatred, I wanted to lash out and pounce on those people who really disappointed me.
But it wasn’t going help me as I would want it to; it would just be a temporary rageful closure.
Because at the end of it all, I would still think about the disappointment the whole of this week, and it would rid me the chances of starting something new, or even obstruct me from seeing better opportunities.

I know I have talked so much of letting go, and we both know how important it is. But what I haven’t said, or rather acknowledged, is that it is a struggle. You don’t just let go like a switch you flip and that’s it.
Letting go is a process. It is a struggle. And only those who are so willing and strong to overcome the echoes of anger and hatred which drag us down to surrender in the pain and regret, will really move on peacefully and happily start something new.

Letting go is being sad and feeling pain for a while, which might be so extreme, but then you stop giving a fuck about it and it becomes the best feeling ever.

The first thing you should struggle with is accepting what has happened. They hurt you, yes, that’s what they did. You have to accept that because it has already happened and you can’t control or change it. So when you over think about it and let the pain consume you, it definitely leads to negative thoughts, depression and so much hatred. You even tend to do more harm than good.
And it rids you the chance to start something new, both in the present and in the coming future.

Even if it is the most brutal thing ever done to you, acknowledge that it has already happened (or maybe it is still happening). Then ask yourself this question: NOW WHAT, WHAT DO I DO NOW?
Yes, now after you have accepted their irresponsible behavior, do you forgive them and give them a chance or just forget about it and also forget about them?
The best way to heal when someone has hurt you is branching to other people and other opportunities that you had in mind or rather create new ones. You don’t just accept the pain they have caused you and you just stay like that. No, you find something else to create, nurture it, invest in it, and love again.

Most times we can’t control what people do to us and what we feel about them, but challenging ourselves to control how we respond to their actions, it is where the real power of letting go and moving on to new things lies.

Understand that not everyone will treat you right. People will do things thinking it’s right by you, but that may not be the case and it might result to disappointments, heart break and even conflict.
Some are narcissists, so when we fall by their blade, letting go is what we ought to do.
And that means thinking more about the fact that there is more you can achieve without them.


3 thoughts on “The Struggle Of Letting Go And Forgiveness

  1. I definitely believe that if someone is causing constant pain then we should start maintaining distance, at least on an emotional level. Because sometimes when you keep forgiving people they seem to forget your importance and treat you like someone who can be played with because after all we will forgive and forget.


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