You Don’t Wait To Begin, You Just Begin And Wait To Finish

Yesterday was my birthday. In fact I wasn’t aware until my mother texted me in the morning, “happy birthday.” It was just a simple text, but my mother made it sound like such a big deal, and indeed it was.
I read it a couple of times trying to savor the joy that radiated from my mother right through the text she sent me. I was far away from her but that single text brought me closer to her, and I couldn’t help myself but wonder what she felt where she was; knowing that has son has grown a year older and she was witnessing the growth of a man.

“You got me a present already?” I replied cheerfully.

I thought of celebrating by drinking myself to death. I thought about letting myself loose and do all those stuff one does when they want to celebrate with their friends.
But then again I thought, what is the best way to celebrate your birthday than preserving your life so that you may have more birthdays to witness.
I thought of it more and realized that it was a blessing, and I had to treat it as such- realizing and actualising it as a precious gift which shouldn’t be wasted by any chance.

Most people wait for the year to end so that they can prepare new resolutions for a new year. I think that is the problem, and I realised it while pondering on how far I had come till this moment.
You know most people wait for something to happen so that they can start preparing their goals and work on their plans.
We make a sign for ourselves and we say that if we get a raise, if we finish school, if our crushes say yes to us, if our bosses promote us, if we pass, if we connect WiFi or if we learn how to do something, then we will embark on what we’ve always wanted to do.

Life is an odyssey, a journey in which we must be present, not only to experience its thrills, but to decide our own path.
And that can only happen when you use what you have to achieve your goals, because as you strive doing that, you’ll find more along the way that will definitely illuminate your path.

All it takes if for you to take the first step with what you have, wherever you are, and work with that. Make that decision and go all in while you visualise the path towards your goal, don’t hesitate, just use that chance even when it’s not in the perfect surroundings.

You don’t wait to begin, you begin and wait to finish, or rather you begin and just continue all the way.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what we want, but right where we are, there is always something we can start with.
Touch something, make something, create something, push something, just do something and utilise it, and never stop until you find which you potentially feel free to invest in completely.

We may lack some skills to do what we want to do at some point, but we should not be afraid to reach out for help.
Because time waits for no man, and life is like the wind; when the hours or the days pass, they never return.
And what we are always left with is what we do… what we are doing for ourselves.


9 thoughts on “You Don’t Wait To Begin, You Just Begin And Wait To Finish

    1. Thank you for reading and thanks for sharing a little about you, I really do appreciate. Im really sorry for the late reply, but im also glad I did shade light on some of your things.
      You know life is about choices, and if you don’t make one right now, chances are if you still make that same choice later, the universe will not always guarantee its success. You better do it now no matter how odd it looks like.


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