Becoming Lighter

Changing how we think of life, people and ourselves is never easy, especially when all we have seen is pure cruelty and so much failure within ourselves.

Sometimes we wake up to the sounds of the streets or from the weight of our own worries. Other times it is the silence that does the magic and our minds awake into the real world. We then look at the world and try to seize the opportunities that might be present.

What we see isn’t to our liking sometimes, and we hate life for it, but especially ourselves.
We stare at life itself, right through world before us, and we question why it doesn’t seem to work out for us.

Sometimes we never get answers, but that is life, and to live peacefully we have to accept that we cannot account for everything that happens, whether to us or around us.
Because we can’t certainly tell why some people die and why others still live, or why some suffer even when they’re doing the right thing in the right way- be it from sickness, failure or poverty- while others enjoy every day of their lives with success.

Some things are to be left untouched, unquestioned, because if you do otherwise, you’ll be sinking in an unending darkness of doubt and you’ll be forced to lie to yourself to ease hopelessness and the pain engulfing you.

The problem is always with our minds, how we perceive. Our minds are wired to find meaning; and if they don’t find one they just reach out for the simple one that gives hope, even when it’s a lie.
And we hold on to it, it could be weeks or months, even years. We feed that notion and it grows in us as we proceed to live, breathe and judge alongside it.
This is because we constantly questioned the conditions around us and we did so much that we became worried and even doubted ourselves. And we became quite dysinfuctional as our minds ended up with so much worry, thus seeking the shortest way out- like lying to ourselves that the problem is not us, that it’s people, or it’s God.

Now I understand I’m in no position to tell you that you aren’t supposed to feel bad when things are really bad for you, but we all feel bad in those moments. We all face these moments, and mine may not be the same as yours, yours could be worse for heaven’s sake.
But what we make of it, what priorities we put first; and whatever emotions surpass all this to an extent of feeling that things can never be the same again, is just a matter understanding that whole point of life is to go through the experience- however bad it is or whatever baggage it bestows us- and we should strive to come out of it lighter and packed with lessons.

Anything negative is bearable and it will eventually pass if only our thinking is coming out of it as a better person.
Life is a journey, a mystery that most of us humans do understand. It is a hard struggle, full of ups and downs, which nature has its own way of balancing.

But if you train yourself to view life this way: the ups are to inspire you while the downs challenge you to improve your performance, then your mind won’t struggle to lie to you while facing the realities of life.


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