Communicate. Understand. Forgive and Reconcile.

Sometimes we question ourselves why we should take the first step when the other party is just doing nothing about the misunderstanding, quarrel, or a fight we’ve had.
When they do nothing we just think they don’t feel sorry and they don’t care. And that hurts us.
So, we stay put too; we move on with our lives, but still weighed down with how bad they must be to not seek forgiveness and reconcile with us.

Who is to blame for sure?
Because both of you play the silence game, but then if you blame that they don’t take the first step, you should blame yourself too because you haven’t taken the first step yet.
As much you think they are bad, they probably have every right to think the same of you.

Unless you break the ice and see for yourself if they are willing to reconcile or not, you’ll always live in agony while you blame others for a mistake which both you and them carry its weight.

Break the bread and make things right. Because as much as you want it to work out, you should show that you really want it to work out by taking the first step courageously.
There is nothing to lose if you think about it.
There is just plenty to win: at least you’ll know if they are really that bad as you think of them, or they are just trying to find the right way to reach out to you. And you’ll finally move on either way.

Communicating is about wanting to understand.
Forgiveness and reconciling is about understanding. So if you communicate you may understand and you may forgive. But if you don’t communicate, you’ll not understand and you’ll not be able to forgive and reconcile with them.


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