There Are Things In Life You Don’t Force


I’m always fond of repeating myself, and it’s not because I have nothing else to say, but because I find it so important that I have to say it all over again.

People make mistakes; and not because they are flawed, but because they make random choices and bad decisions believing that nothing could possibly go wrong (the lie we always tell ourselves: that things will work themselves out, but they don’t because until we act, so will they be okay).

I see people thinking wrong and they feed themselves that notion that what they think is right, period. But how often do we do things and claim that our reason for doing them is love, or passion, or kindness, yet it isn’t? Most times we act out of fear- fear of being alone and not being successful, of not being loved.

There are things in life you don’t force. It’s unpredictable, so you just get prepared for whatever comes your way while you embrace what you already have or what you’re still building.
You love what you have and treasure what you love. You care and share what you can with those around you, those that see you, those you see.
Things like love you don’t force, you don’t seek to love someone or to be loved by someone. You just love. And someone will love you.

If you find yourself wanting to be loved, then you are forcing things. And all you seek is attention, and you are afraid that you’ll not be loved. Love is like happiness, you don’t seek them, you don’t find them; you just become them, you choose to become them in the things you do, you share and the things you embrace.

You don’t force it, you just love. And someone will love you.
If you find yourself looking for someone to love, then you are forcing things. All you seek is not to feel lonely, and you are insecure.

Everyone around you needs to be loved; you should love your neighbor, right?
You don’t go looking for ‘the one’ to love. You just love and someone will love you.
You just love. You just love those who are around you. You don’t force it, it just flows right from your beating heart and through your veins to your lungs, and when you breathe out, it enriches other souls.

You don’t force it, you just love, and if the ones you love don’t love you back, understand that they made their choice, and you have to make yours- not to let them go, but not to force it.
Always remember that.



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