There Are Friends, and There Are Crowds

There are friends, and there are crowds. There are those who stand by you, and there are those who just happen to stand around you.
Know the difference.

It is not always a matter of loyalty, because loyalty can be bought or bribed.
It is a matter of sincerity and willingness of the heart. It is how the hands stretches to give because they care to help, because they care to be part of your life.

There are those who appreciate you the way you are and ask you to be more because they see that you have the potential. And they help you see it too.
Not everyone who pushes you to your limits wants the best of you.
Some want to make the best out of it for themselves.
Know the difference.

There are friends, and there are crowds. Friends have their lives just as you have yours, but both your lives collide with each other by choice because both of you care.
With crowds, you are just there. They just move you with them, and all they care about is the crowd and what it stands for.
But when things fall apart for the crowd, the consequences are experienced individually, thus each person will run to save themselves and you’ll just be left alone to save your mess.

There are friends; those you show yourself to them as you truly are- with your scars and vulnerabilities, and they still accept and care for you- and there are crowds, those you have to meet certain standards to deserve being a part of them- to an extent of hiding your scars and vulnerabilities.

With friends you have no fear of breaking, because they will catch you when you are falling or collect your broken pieces and patch you up.
With crowds you are afraid of breaking so you try to show off to them that you are like them.
With crowds you constantly seek their approval, wanting them to notice and accept you as one of them- so that means doing the things they are fond of and approve of, even when it’s not what you truly approve yourself.

With friends you don’t struggle to be or feel as one of them.
You just are, so you just be.
With crowds you struggle to be one of them. You struggle to belong because they’ll want to do things and you’ll want to do those things with them so that they can know that you are one of them.
You bend and stretch because you think more of what the crowd stands for, and not what you believe in.

There are friends, and there are crowds. Friendship is more about how you impact each others lives, crowds is about what you are doing as a crowd. And trust me, the latter, that of the crowds, it’s not what you’ll always seem to approve.
Friends give you space to be because they understand that you have dreams of your own. Crowds hold you to their ground and expect you to work on the crowd’s goal and image.

Friendship isn’t always about sacrifice, but prioritising, understanding and just being kind. It is about sharing and caring.


12 thoughts on “There Are Friends, and There Are Crowds

  1. They people who truly help you are friends and people who only take help from you are crowd. Also friends only expect you to be there for them in times of need. Where crowd expects you to be everywhere so that they can show off and feel better.
    That’s how I see it.

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