I’m An Introvert and This Is What I Have to Say

I’m an introvert, one who is at peace with being alone. This doesn’t mean that I’m not into people or that I’m fond of silent surroundings.
No, I like being around people, but most times not necessarily with them. I just like watching people carry on with their lives. It inspires me to work harder and to be creative. And I also like noise, rhythmic noise, it makes my mind not to think about nothing else other than what I’m doing.

I’m also in love with silence, but only when I need to relax and focus more.

If you think I’m shy, then you’re mistaken, know that I’m just not into it. I’m not afraid of people or social interaction, I just know what I want and so I surround myself with a few people who I value.

I have learned more about people by watching and listening. And when going through a rough path, I have learned every man is for himself, but only the gentlemen will help others rise up and shine.

Life is short, meaning that every step I take should be meaningful. So I focus on things I do best, that is creating art and share what I have learned.
In this current generation, there is so much labelling and so much pretending.
People live to meet someone else’s expectations or to show the world that their life is amazing.
People live to seek attention, people seek to be loved and they want to be seen and heard by the world.
So they do almost anything, even alienating from the very principles and values that raised them.
They filter their real faces, forge moments and make the world think that they are cute and are happy.

People do all these things just for the world just to know and think of them that way.

It’s better to live your life, fit in your shoe size and never try to fit in others. Never try to compare your life with others, only seek understanding from those who seem to have taken the path you are now taking, seek their wisdom of how to approach life.
Don’t compare yourself with others to see how far you are left behind, it will demoralise you when they are so better off than you.

Being alone is not weird or bad for your mental health. Feeling lonely is. It eats you from within and no one can save you from that epidemic, except yourself.
You feel lonely when you want to do something to please others yet you aren’t capable of pleasing them, or they don’t end up being please by what you did. You feel lonely when you compare your life with other people and you judge what they have with what you don’t have.
Don’t do that. It’s depressing.

Be okay with yourself as you are, and when you find yourself boring, have some fun with your life by creating something new, let the genuine people help you, and rejoice in yourself with the space you’ve got.
The world is fond of only seeing a part of you that resonates with them. The world only cares about what makes them happy, so worry about your happiness.
Labels don’t bring happiness because they always wear off with time.

What matters most is what you do and what you feel about yourself.
The world may not understand you, or might even hate you, but you know better, you understand better.

The best way to live is to focus on something that you love and you are also good at.
Give it both your time and energy. Grow with it. If it is a dream live it. If it is a goal achieve it. If it is an idea just work on it.
The important thing to understand is that things change, and life just goes on nonetheless.
You are you, and you’ll just be you, unless you stop being you and try to be someone else.


11 thoughts on “I’m An Introvert and This Is What I Have to Say

  1. Finally!!! Someone who understands what being an introvert is. Often times when I tell someone I’m an introvert, they think I’m lying because I like to go out and I’m not afraid to talk to people. There’s a difference in being socially awkward and liking to stay home and being introvert. I like to talk to people but also like to stay alone. I don’t mind sitting quietly, engulfed in my own thoughts. Glad that someone gets it.

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    1. You know people always misread us because they are fond of judging and labelling people, which is very awful.
      They never understand there is a lifestyle of choice, one that people choose to be alone and focus and what they truly love.

      I’m glad you liked it and I very much enjoy your openness. I really appreciate


  2. The depths of your words truly show you are introvert cause in my experiance introverts dont minse words they speak with purpose and the purpose carries weight and impact to the hearer.

    Great post 🙂

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