Celebrate The Little Victory

Most people would read articles like this and expect clear instructions to guide them to a better place.
I guess right now some are bored because they already know what I have to say.
I don’t blame them.
But you see, trying to drive a point home sometimes can be hard because it could be the same thing you were saying before, and now you have to say it all over again.
Of course you could try to paint it with different colours, but people would still spot it and some would wave you off.

I don’t mind though, because I know we all have problems and we keep searching for solutions. And when we don’t find any we become desperate; we jump on anything that seems to give us hope and keeps us safe from the negative thoughts evading us.
I totally get it.

However, reality is that we keep forgetting what we have learned from our experiences. We keep thinking that things will just be different on their own, and that we can change the world once we make a selfless choice.

Truth is, at least from what I have learned (and I know most of you won’t agree with me on this one): you don’t have to change the world. You just live in it and make the best of what you have.
You just be you. You just keep working on what you do best. Use your talents or your skills or just anything, just use all these because with practice comes mastery, and from mastery there is strength, and from strength there is wisdom.

Dark times are always there, even extreme ones, that’s why we all need strength and wisdom.
Bad things happen and we can’t see any reason at all for their being.
So it’s just better to focus on what we have right now and what we want to accomplish.

Here is what you need to understand, in this life you are your own, so own yourself. We are all different, but not that distant, so invest on your differences. Work on them and perfect them and your effort will eventually earn you a fortune.

The world might be a horrible place for you, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that when you start appreciating the little victory and own what you have, that’s how you become positive.
Change how you see the world and you’ll change how you live in it.
Change what you think of yourself and you’ll change yourself.
Change how you how you think of situations and you’ll change how you respond to them.

Life isn’t always about choices that have massive impact. Life is about the little the victory.
You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, you just live your life.
As long as you feel happy and content, that’s enough.

Sometimes there is no progress, but there is peace, and that’s okay.


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