Just Hold On

If you had met an old me, probably a year ago, I would have told you bluntly that things just happen by chance. And the reason that everything else which you sometimes call a miracle or luck, is that it’s all coincidence and just the alignment of thoughts and actions in the universe which eventually creates ripples.

I remember there was a woman, a christian woman in particular, she had written a blog post about faith saying that all things happen for a reason. Well I didn’t believe her so I went to her comment section and enlightened her with what I thought was the only ‘understandable truth’.

Little did I know that someday I would understand that she was talking about her experience and what she had seen so far.

I have come far and with what I have seen; with what has happened in my life, I’m in the most perfect position to tell you that there is a reason for most things which happen in your life.

Not that it just happened, but someone, or something made it happen, hence it made something else happen. And you are finally experiencing the most remarkable moment that it becomes a little bit hard to believe, but you have to believe because it is happening.
If you are fond of asking the ‘why’ question, then I tell you this, it’s because everything balances out in life, even though sometimes people get way more than others. It just does at some point.
It makes sense with time.

Sometimes you were supposed to do something, but then something else comes up and prevents you from doing that particular thing. And you later realise that that thing which came up, was actually a burst or the thing which you were almost doing in the first place was such a mess- and now you are safe from its mess.
It’s funny how things seem connected, and because of just one thought, one decision, one step, we find ourselves in amazing situations.

I truly believe that a majority of people in this world have testimonies of how things got miraculously connected with each other and finally found themselves in amazing situations. Maybe at first you were broken hearted and tormented, but sooner or later, a better way just shows up out of nowhere, and you are free and motivated once more and you have something new.

Things happen you know. Things that reveal other things and make other things happen- things that are so hard to dismiss because they happen right on our faces, and they stink of higher power.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and people don’t give us what we need, what we ask for.
But it’s okay, you might feel like it’s the end and you are slowly sinking and that it’s never going to be the same again.
Believe me when I say that time gives perspective. You may never understand this right now, but with time; until something else happens, you’ll realize that it all happened for a reason- and you are where you are with what you have because that was the reason all along.

Maybe there are some people who think that what I am talking about doesn’t make sense at all, and that everything else is just life, and that life is just life.
Okay, I hear you, but if you’ve never experienced a life changing moment (of course I know you have… I mean everyone has) no matter how small it is and you claim that it was a coincidence…just know that it was real and there was a reason for that.

Stay grateful always. Appreciate the little things. Don’t take chances, don’t waste opportunities. And above all, don’t loose patience and never stop learning from your mistakes and failures.
Understand that most things we go through, even the bad stuff, it is all happening and you can’t reject that it is; you just accept and strive to save yourself from the misery.

You never know, sometimes a remarkable path with so much potential is cleared out just for you. Just hold on.


4 thoughts on “Just Hold On

  1. Exactly. Sometimes the connections are so intricately woven that they seem like miracles. We can only see so much of the path at any given moment. I have found myself in amazing situations. So, true!
    Don’t lose patience. Don’t lose hope. Tomorrow is another opportunity to smile.

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