You Are The One

Stop looking for the one, you are the one. Create better versions of yourself. Strive towards something. Don’t jut wait and pray that someone comes into your life and you finally find something to live for, or you finally find meaning to your life.
It’s your life; you are the one who gives it meaning by what you choose to hold dear.

We live by an idea that we all have someone meant for us, and that someone would change us completely.
How often do we realise that it’s not as we think- because people come and go, and sometimes when they leave they take a part of us with them.

Don’t wait for the missing piece, you are the missing piece.
People give us a reason to change, but that doesn’t mean you should have to wait for someone to give you one. Just choose to change.
Just live your goddamn life, and along the way you’ll find someone- you always find someone. But first things first, you have to live for you, your dreams and whatever ideas you want to make happen.

As much as you want someone, and to look up to that person, you need to be able to look your into your life and see the potential and the greatness within you.

Don’t live in someday. Don’t wait for the next big thing to start doing what you’ve always dreamt of. Do it now.
Life goes on, it never stops. And the fact that death gives life meaning, you should make use of the moment right before you, the one which your feet seems to feel the earth. Time is short, don’t wait up looking for the perfect moment or the right person. Just explode with all the mighty beneath you.

Take control of your life. It doesn’t mean that once you do that it will be perfect- of course bad things will happen and some will get out of hand and sometimes you won’t recover from those experiences so you’ll be forced to create new ones. But that’s okay, I mean that’s life, you know that.
The best part is that you make the decisions and appreciate beauty, and success when you see it.

There is always more that is needed to be done. Even if you achieve one thing, you’ll always want another. Even if you spend your entire energy and time pursuing love and finally got it, you’ll still spend much more to protect it and give it meaning more meaning.

Understand that life is not about checking boxes and giving fancy labels to what you’ve have achieved to feel incredible about yourself.
It’s about what you really get to embrace within yourself.

This is life. And as much as it is seems hard, it’s freaking incredible if only you understand that you are incredible and you don’t need anyone to give you a reason to believe so.

It is not always about the right moment or the right person. It’s about the zeal; how far you are willing to go, and how ready you are to face the challenges that might come across you.


16 thoughts on “You Are The One

  1. I saw this on scribblers arena and shared it on my blog not too long ago. But I now have clicked to follow it through to here. And it is wonderful in its entirety. It speaks of me.. even more so than before.. and reminds me of further lessons I have forgotten but always knew… thank you again for writing and sharing this.

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      1. I happily enjoy talking to people. I like people. But with so much stuff happening on the world more and more, we all forget to say thank you and appreciate the people that exist BEHIND THEIR ACTIONS. people just are people and do whatever they do because they just do. I always like to think I give people what they deserve. Good or bad. So again i want to thank *you* for doing what you do. All the blessings that come from it are rightfully yours. And I appreciate the blessing you have given me. 🙂

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