Maturity Is Not A Stage




There is this question of maturity. Some say it is never about age, but character.
In all honesty, age matters in most ways.

I confess I have made more blunders than I can count in my youth. But, ironically, that is how we are shaped, at least if we are willing to learn in the most modest way.
Thing is, youth is where there is intense hormonal processes, thus youths are greatly affected with peer pressure, lust and the pleasure of the freedom they have to work on things that they are most likely not to truly comprehend their value in their lives.

Now I’m not saying men and women aren’t affected with these things too. No, they are victims of flesh just like anyone else. It is a struggle for them too.
However, most of them know how to restrain themselves because they know what matters most and what doesn’t.
This is through experience, and that our character evolves in the choices we make.

It is true sometimes they loose count and fall. Sometimes they lash out, but when you are a man or a woman, you should know what you are willing to compromise and what you’ll grow to blossom instead.

Everything takes practice to become better. And it doesn’t mean that once you are good in what you do or how you live then there’ll never be challenges that will almost, or completely run you to the ground.
Shit happens, but to struggle to save yourself is what matters.
And to know that you have to understand that it takes time.

That’s maturity. So, yes, in some way age matters. Because then you are enlightened with what you have gone through and what you want to achieve.

For youths it’s slightly different, they struggle with what is around them and try to find which rhymes with them.
But they can still be mature with their character.
It’s not easy because that means pulling yourself away from the world and train yourself- trying to do the right thing even when no one is looking, and trying to abstain from youthful desires which I must say, it is hard, because you’ll want to explore and inevitably make mistakes.

But that’s how we learn, that’s how we know which way we should go, that’s how we mature.

So don’t try to act cool yet you haven’t mastered your thoughts and actions, give it time.
All in all, maturity is calmness. It’s being content, and not exactly being stagnant with what you have or where you are, but actually replicating what you have with what you’ve learned to win more with pure decency.

Maturity is not a stage you reach, it’s a life which you live. Maturity is what your actions speak.

Understand that maturity is evolving, it is a process and with time you know what matters and what doesn’t.
With time you get to know what is right for you and for others, and what isn’t.
You learn with time.
You understand as time goes.
Time gives perspective, only if you are patient and willing to understand.

Being mature is about age, yes, but more importantly, if you are young and your character is well sharpened- that is you know the lessons of life and how to go about them- then you are matured.

With time you become a man, you become a woman, but it doesn’t just stop there, there is more to learn about how we live in this world.
There is more to face because everyday is a challenge, every choice you make is a challenge because it will have a consequence at some point.
And you’ll either have to make things right or make new choices or start all over again.


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