Journeys That Never End

I hate traveling for more than thirty minutes or so. I usually have motion sickness that totally makes my travel unbearable, and, I experience tormenting pain every second of it.
It usually feels like I want to vomit, but I don’t, so it feels like it’s stuck on my throat. I feel dizzy, and it becomes hard to breathe.
I’m seated, but it’s like I’m running, so I feel tired and I experience a kind of excruciating pain that makes me want to just stop the vehicle and just walk all the way.

But you know what gives me the strength to pull through the whole journey? It’s the thought of the destination I’m going. It’s the feeling that props me and I flirt with as I wait to experience more of where I’m heading to.

It could be a place I love so much, but the sickness would get the best of me and steal away all the excitement. It’s like it rips me open along the way and stuffs me with torture, then sews me back up.
The funny thing is that I travel frequently despite the sickness. I keep having these trips that are so essential and I board a vehicle and travel.

Its been happening to me since I was a child, until now. And never has it come to a point I completely gave up travelling.

This confession reflects towards the real life- in spite of it being a real life scenario.
We all have something that we love to do, somewhere we want to go, that we envision ourselves to be after a couple time, but once we take the first step and make the decision to keep going, sometimes we experience some bruising friction along the way.

We get scarred or our self esteem and confidence is lessened and we are backed into a corner where we really want to quit.

I really want to tell you that it’s normal, but the normal I’d said might be totally different from yours. Nevertheless, the truth remains: every journey has it’s ups and downs, but if you endure the pain, the failure, then you’ll finally get there. And you’d be surprised because there will be another journey, a new destination, waiting for you.

The truth remains that we go through so much and we wonder why us. Why?
I keep saying this: you’ll not understand why most bad things happen to you. And while we may not get any answers to why we go through what we go through, we have the strength to seize the second chances to start again and the capacity to believe in greatness.

And that belief is what keeps us going.


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