The Ultimate Reality Between Love And Self-reliance

At the end of the day, most people are just a disappointment because they don’t believe in themselves, so, they tend to show off a light they don’t possess.
In fact I don’t understand why people go to great lengths for things they actually don’t hold dear, but they just do it anyway to impress people they don’t seem to truly like; and all this is just about not wanting to feel alone or to be alone.

Still at the end of the day, we are alone, we feel alone because we tend to live a lie; we love not because we’ve fallen in love, but because we are afraid that if we don’t love then we won’t ever be loved.

It is the world we live in right now.

We are all broken, we are all scarred. We all need someone, but it should never reach a point where we feel like we are empty and all we need is someone to fill that space- that feeling of inadequacy.

Because if that space can’t be filled by ourselves, then no one will.
We are own warriors and our healers, we decide what is worth our time and how our wounds heal.
And if we can’t do that by ourselves, if all we see is void inside us, then no matter who we let in our lives, even when we let them go so deep, they’ll never be able to quieten our sorrows, calm our worries and heal our wounds.

We are all always on our own.
But, when we take that step to connect, it’s because we want to explore and share what is inside of us.
It’s because we feel that for us to grow then we need people around us who will show us what life is like for them. And we learn from them, and maybe as we share what we have learned, we find that we have so much in common, so we choose to explore further together in the most compassionate way.

And you’d be surprised to find love, even in the places where you least expect it. Because out of peace and self-reliance, there is harmony.
Love grows there.


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