We Often Need Reminding

In all honesty, we often need reminding. Sometimes we get overwhelmed, we judge too quickly, we expect so much (even when the effort we give out is less) and we are carried with the little beauty we see in people and things and the terrible things that happen to us.
That’s why often times we need someone to remind us, to remind ourselves and be aware that the answers we need are within us, that we have the guidelines on our fingertips. We just have to open our eyes and see it.

Sometimes we fail to understand until a tragedy hits us. We are stubborn, that I cannot deny, but sometimes that’s what endangers us.
We are more concerned with the big things and the big decisions. We think of the bigger picture, which sometimes isn’t as we think of it.
Sometimes it’s all about the small picture; what we believed in all along, what we had all along, what we wanted all along.

Most times what we need is right before us, but because everything seems to move so fast that we get confused, scared and we loose track of how we are supposed to respond to those situations, we end up screwing things over.

I have done so much unspeakable things that sometimes I write about in the not-to-do articles, or what I tell people that it’s not right to do- yet I do it sometimes.
We are human, but that is not an excuse…I don’t know, I guess it’s a way to comfort ourselves that even if we screwed things so bad then it’s because it’s our nature of not being perfect…and that we are not alone because probably someone out there has done the same, or worse.
And that brings relief.

Anyway, it’s still not good to always use this reason to justify your actions because you still have a choice.

But the thing is, we lose track of what we have learned on the way, we forget what we were supposed to do in the first place, we forget our own values, or, maybe we choose other ones over those we used to hold dear.
We go through stuff nevertheless: unspeakable stuff and also breathtaking ones that we get so carried away and we think we are in a new different world.
It happens.

What you need to understand is that you need reminding. You need to remind yourself. You need to listen to those who genuinely try to show you the right path.
As much as you are human and sometimes you just do bad stuff because you are ‘human’– not perfect- you still have a choice to do good things and keep on doing them.

We all need reminding, just as I always read what I write because I know one moment I might need to remember what I had to say to the world. I might need it.
Oh, this I know, I will need it.


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