At The End Of The Day…

Life is tricky.
People are unbelievable.
All choices have their consequences. Love is crazy.
Time just goes on nonstop. Responsibility crushes with its weight. Peer pressure knocks at the doors of this current generation.
Dreams call out for their fulfilment. Desires tempt us. Feeling of absence and inadequacy eats us up.

And we are at the centre of all this. We are forced to live with all this.

We are crafted with all this. We are carved, we are shaped, we are moved, we are motivated, inspired, provoked, hurt, broken- but then we heal, we move on, we still believe in ourselves and the systems towards a happy life- and more importantly, we work so hard; while our lives are coloured and sometimes disfigured and turns so pale that our vulnerabilities become so clear.

That is living nonetheless, and we are still alive. We all have to take chances even when we know what we are about to face on the other side. We have to acknowledge that some things aren’t always as they seem, and we can change the unchangeable if only we are willing to.
We have to consume this time to yield good results, subdue the opportunities we see to create an amazing lifestyle, and even when it all seems pointless, we still have to believe and have faith that this divinity of living is one hell of an adventure.
And with each day, we should strive to gain something, even when we have lost something else.


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