What I wish I could Tell My Younger Self…

Dear old self, all I can say is that life is complicated. And sometimes no matter how many times you try to figure things out, or you try to do the right thing, it all comes down to what the universe feels like. Even so, giving up is not an option. Never is.

So, I tell you this, why don’t you stop thinking about how miserable life is and how most things don’t seem to make sense, and create your own world with your own imagination.

I was once told that you are allowed to break the rules, but the not the law, brother. Not the law- law of love and righteousness.

I write this in silence, and torture; all those words I wished someone could have told me…I mean those I could have paid more attention to…then I guess we won’t be having this conversation.

Please note that life is complicated, and most times you have to let things be the way they are. And what you cannot control, let it work out by itself.

Practice peace of mind, brother; make peace with yourself.

You should know that loving yourself is not because of how good you think you are, but inspite of your imperfections, that your strengths glow with a magnificent touch.

When it comes to people….I just don’t know….some people are born that way, and you can never understand why they do what they do…so just deal with those you can tolerate….that is you’re happy to be around with.

It may seem that love is a metaphor for sex, and people are just there for excitement, but be honest with yourself, brother. And when someone hurts you, please move on, there are a ton of people out there with good hearts. Don’t let one person ruin your adventure, no matter how much you cared for that person- because if they chose to leave your heart in pieces, that’s on their conscious, and the only thing you can do is look for something new; someone new.

Last but not least, brother, don’t be devastated by how hard or worse a situation is. Remember, you’re always one choice away from a completely different life.


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