Everyone preaches, and many of us don’t do what they preach…


There is so much that we say because we like the idea of saying it. It’s like we convince ourselves as we express what we like or would like through words, sayings, and quotes.

Not that we meant it or we’re fully committed to its execution, but because it makes us feel good when we say it, or just think about it.

But without enforcing any energy whatsoever, necessitating our will to act accordingly- hence bring change- everything we say or write about is left to be infertile.

Which is bad. Because we tend to comfort ourselves with the idea that it is possible (which is artistically crafted in words and quotes), yet it just stops there where we’re in a position we preach what we don’t practice.

So we live to give directions, and come up with ideas and possible answers to various problems, but that’s it for most of us. We stop there, because the idea that we know what we’re supposed to do is enough to comfort us.

But that just keeps us miles away from seizing the opportunities right in front of us.

So we could spend each day talking about life and how it should be lived, or how we should love, or how we should succeed, but if it stops there, just talking about it, then we’re slowly burying ourselves into failure and so much worse we could put ourselves through.

It’s not only bad, but toxic. It’s not only living a lie, but destroying the possible opportunities you may ever have.


11 thoughts on “Everyone preaches, and many of us don’t do what they preach…

  1. OMFG. Seriously?! This is such obvious stuff. It’s so fucking infuriating that people need it TOLD AGAIN AND AGAIN. UGH! I’m sorry Roy, no ill will towards you or anything. I’m just like… SERIOUSLY. lol

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      1. Even so, the most important thing should be about us changing to what we owe ourselves and our dreams, not to the changing times. And yes, yes, yes…. I know we sometimes have to keep with the changing times, but I think we owe to ourselves to live up to what we say, or at least what we think we are saying.

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      2. That’s the whole point of my blog, kind of… LOL. Tell people to trust themselves and stop perpetuating falsehoods. But to also be open to listening and communicating with THEMSELVES and with other people too. Oftentimes it’s just stupid misunderstandings or people “feeling hurt” that prevent us from really owning up to our own short comings and potential.

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  2. I think that is also so connected with human tendency to be listened to…instead of listening…we all like to talk coz it is so much easy and sounds good too..
    U have selected a very relevant idea to talk about..a well written note👍🏻

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  3. Completely agreed. I hate it when people give life advices that they themselves never followed. I know own sometimes they are saying it from experience but it really irks me when they expect me to not make any mistakes.

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