Thoughts.Words. Wisdom.


I started blogging to showcase my writing skill. At first, it was never about venting, and trying to find lost pieces in life; it was all about the theatrics of literature.

Of course I wanted to share my thoughts on certain topics of life, but my main concern was in the crafting and shaping of words to what I thought was the admirable language for the readers.
That is grammar and figures of speech and stylistic devices.

I was young and naive. The waves of youthfulness as a young writer came all singing in the air drooling for recognition and attention, fighting to climb the ladder of literature and blogging.

And now, I can’t really say I have changed that much, or that I’m so grown up, but it’s quite a big step for me to switch sides and be more considerate with what I really need to say- that might really do some good in someone’s life.

I’ve come to realise that it’s not the language, it’s the voice that speaks- that which says what should be done and what shouldn’t, that which shines light in the broken souls, and brings hope.

Words are just words. When left alone they could mean anything. But when one speaks with so much energy and so much experience, they glow with truth and wisdom.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts.Words. Wisdom.

  1. Youth is wasted on the young as the saying goes. You have raised thoughts I’ve explored in my own life and writing. Ultimately, I find that I write what is there, and my being informs what it becomes. Well said.

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