It’s Not Happiness- It’s Joy You Should Cultivate

I have realised a couple things. Things that we have got them wrong in many ways. Things that you also come to realise when you go out of your comfort zone, or when you get hurt while pursuing your dreams.

These realizations always come to be when you dare yourself to do something so different, especially when you face your fears.

Long story short, I believe happiness is an illusion, so is having the one in your love life. If you just think of it, we are so convinced that we should pursue happiness, like it’s a goal. But that’s not it.

See, things that are bound to our feelings and emotions cannot be pursued, they are cultivated. They are cultivated by the choices we make, by the principles we live by and the habits we practice and the things we choose to accept.

Joy, and having someone who truly appreciates you as you are, that’s amazing.

Joy beams from within. And as much as everyone wants to be happy, harmony is far much beautiful because it radiates from beneath and it spreads like wildfire.

And it is not tied to any material thing, but just your mental awareness and how you see the world.

There are things we should desire- to be at peace and appreciate what we have.

It’s true, because you don’t smile because you are happy, or laugh because you are so happy. It’s all because you are so open to what you experience. Because there us joy in you and because you appreciate the moment to what it really is.

Joy is seeing the beauty around you. Be aware that beauty doesn’t have to shine, it could silent and with no color, but still beautiful.

The idea of pursuing happiness like it’s a commodity, such that we are convinced that once we have succeeded, then we’ll always be happy.

But that’s not case. One day you feel good, and then you feel bad some day.

Joy is feeling yourself in the midst of all your experiences.


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