Shared Experiences

For every being cursed with self awareness, there remains the unanswerable question: Who am I?

We struggle to find meaningful connections to one another.
We are the caring friend, the committed lover, the parent, the child full of dreams.

We fight and we love, in the hope, that somehow, together, we can understand our significance in the universe.

But in the end, no one can share our burden. Each of us alone can answer the question- who am I? And what does it mean to be alive?

We dream of hope and love. So much struggle of meaning and purpose, but in the end, we find it only on each other.

It is our shared experiences that makes us connect, and makes us know in our hearts that we are not alone.


3 thoughts on “Shared Experiences

  1. This came up at the perfect time, I needed to read this! I think there’s also truth in saying that we have the capacity to find love within ourselves, which seems to be the greatest battle of life; having the strength to continuously let go of our sense of identity so we are not dictated by patterns that no longer serve us.

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