When Is Perfect So Perfect?

When is perfect so perfect?
When do we draw the line with people?

Cause it’s funny how we meet people and we are easily blown away.
It’s funny how we come to explain that what we feel is not physical, but intellectual.

It’s funnier how we come to say the people we’ve met are different, and that we’ve never experienced what they seem to manifest, or that we finally found our soulmate; because we somehow feel we get some kind of an intellectual vibe when we’re around them.

But it’s just a feeling, just like when you get something new. Just like how you unwrap a gift, it slowly absorbs you in completely, it slowly entangles you in it’s awe, so much that you can’t let go.

And sometimes, after spending more time together, you come to realise that it was just a feeling, just like having something new- it completely moves you, astounds you, but it tends to become ordinary once you’ve had it for quite some time. And you realise that you were just overwhelmed with how things seemed to unfold in the beginning.

So, when do we draw the line and know that it’s not just feelings acting on their own, but rather there is unison in body, mind and soul?

Cause it’s so difficult, and so consuming, and sometimes we can never really know for sure.

So I guess it’s not about drawing the line entirely, I think it’s more about embracing the moments with how genuine they seem to be.

I think it’s not about being perfect, but giving it your best and appreciating the beauty that glitters in the midst.

I guess you just have to smile and have an open mind as you dance to the rhythm of these fleeting moments with care.
Because at the end of the day, what matters is how joyful and how proud of yourself you feel towards life in general.

And if someone makes you feel that way, hold on to them.


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