Oh, This I Know….

Oh, this I know, I’ll meet people even when I don’t want to.
Some I’ll grow fond of and they’ll like me as hell.
Some I’ll want so bad, but they won’t feel the same way.

At the end of it all, it’s how genuinely I try to make it count. Even with those who don’t feel the same way.

One of the brutal thing life has taught me is to compromise. To sacrifice.
And sometimes what we sacrifice for hits us back with a huge smack, and we’re broken.
We can never completely know if what we are sacrificing for will be fruitful, but it’s faith and love that fuels us.

Truth is, sometimes we don’t have control of how things seem to turn out, or how people feel towards us.
And all we are left to do is embrace what we have, what we are left with, what really gives us hope and love, even when it’s just ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Oh, This I Know….

  1. I had a slightly shorter take than yours, but I think we were after the same idea.

    We all know deep in our heart
    Some will stay and some depart
    Either one you might wish well
    Conversely, tell either go to hell

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