My Plans, The Universe, and I…

Life can be so twisty and turning, like your intestinal organs.
You wake up one morning and make plans, and on the next day you throw it all away- probably it became clear what was needed to be done, or you were pretty sure it won’t work out.
You live by your personal moral principles, and then it comes a time when you’re forced to change them and make new ones.

I mean nothing is written on stone. Nothing stays the way it is, at least for us, humans. We evolve. We learn. We grow. And so do our desires.

Fate, just like anything else, is negotiable. Life is negotiable. But negotiation of that kind takes balls, and compromise.

See, I usually don’t peer into my future and discern what it could possibly become. I just face the day and wait for the next.
Though some moments I’m forced to question my life’s choices.
And it really proves that life is all about a reaction.

You don’t just do things. You react to things. You react to your loneliness, to your fear, to your emotions, to people, and to whatever happens around you.
I mean it’s one massive chain of reactions.
And at some point there is a butterfly effect, and we lose count, we lose sight of our first reaction that took into the journey of fighting to achieve our dreams.

I’m at that position right now- I have lost sight of the intent of my first reaction towards this new year.

It’s the third month of the year and I’m already lost. In the beginning of this year, probably just like everyone else, I crowned myself the responsibility of going an extra mile with everything in my life.
Not that I have not gone that far, it’s just that I went in too deep and got lost.

The thing about plans is that they change. And I guess my intent of my reactions towards this year have changed alongside it.

Anyway, if it’s one thing I have learnt over the past years, is that you should master patience.
I’m not sure if I sound dumb, but the universe has a funny way of working things out, well, not instantaneously, but eventually.

That’s what I have to say for today.


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