The Truth Behind Negative Feelings

Having negative feelings is not that of a bad thing at all….

Letting them cloud and consume you that you back down and succumb to what can be controlled, now that is bad.
Having doubts, having questions, or over thinking, none of this is bad. But drowning in them and shrinking and coiling because your self esteem is ruptured by them to an extent that you can’t try yo save yourself, now that is bad.

I have questions about my life. I doubt the choices sometimes. I feel pessimistic in what I do sometimes.
I over think because I hate it when things go wrong, especially when I had the chance to correct myself, but didn’t.

The truth is that we are all afraid- of failure, of losing ourselves and of pain.

Now this may be a cliché, but courageousness is not having absolute fear, but pushing through the fear and doing something.

As much as we say we have to be positive, always, it’s hard. It’s challenging.

Life isn’t always milk and honey, people aren’t always meeting our expectations.
The universe is all about miraculously and spontaneously works of both good and bad.
Some are predicted and, some are unforseen.

Recently I was disappointed because someone told me straight to my face that she didn’t appreciate what I had done to her. For the record, I had put myself out there just to do it for her, and she didn’t appreciate the efforts.
I was so disappointed and I hated myself for doing it in the first place.

You see, it happens, I mean you do things and you know it’s the right thing to do, but it is then revoked. And you hate everything about it.
And you have questions that ring in your mind and you just cannot stop over thinking about the whole issue and you feel hurt because you’d be speculating about the unfairness of the whole situation directed towards you.

People will ask so much of you so that they can decide if they’ll give you what they think you deserve. And sometimes what they give is not what we think we deserve. And that might make us feel so devastated.

But when it comes to people and what we do with our dreams, being and feeling negative is not the issue. Because we have expectations even when we say that we don’t. We judge even when we deny it.

Now I’m not saying you should always embrace these negative feelings. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t feel negative because you feel feeling negative is a bad thing.

The funny thing about condemning these negative feelings is that we have them, and they keep emanating from within us in our daily lives.

What we should do is channel that rage and race fast enough to make positive things happen.

For instance with anger, channel the rage and try to create something. Or prove yourself or others wrong that you can achieve something in spite of the challenges coming at you.


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