Sometimes you say enough is enough, that you’re done with people. So you try to focus on your life and the dreams you’ve always had as a person.
But then someone appears out of the blue, and it feels like the universe sent you someone who seems so ‘different’, and suddenly your world changes completely since they set foot in it.

You once again believe in the power of companionship, and you give in to that particular person. You give in to the moment, to the feeling- of love, and hope. And you give in further because you believe to have found true happiness.

And that’s how life is. One moment you are totally hooked, and then you just don’t seem to rhyme with it anymore.

The spark usually dies, and it reignites.

It happens all the time. Sometimes it’s us, other times it’s life itself.

Life doesn’t stick to a page, or a chapter for that matter. Life is fluid, that’s why we are told never to say never, because it comes right back. It comes knocking, it comes pushing, devouring all it sees on its way.

But we should also keep pressing hard too. We should keep fighting for what we love, and share what we have. At least that’s what we need to do.

It’s all life. It’s maddening, vicious and unfair, but it’s also kind, gentle and beautiful.
You take what you get. Sometimes it’s a fight, or a gruesome thought process of making big decisions, you still have to fight either way for what you believe in.

Embrace second chances, use them, and work on them to be better. At times it feels depressing to repeat the same mistake, or fuck up with the same people we swore never to engage with, or go against our own word and principles.

Know this, you never know until you know, and most times you come to know that you knew all along which suggests that you weren’t just keen enough.

It’s no biggie, we are all struggling with life, we are all trying to keep up, we are trying to make it through even though at times it might feel like other people have already made it there. But that’s them, each of us has their own share.


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