It’s All Action and Reaction in Life

Don’t you look at your life right now and just wonder how your life could have been if you had just made a different decision at a certain point in your life? I know….don’t dwell in the past, blah blah blah…but I’m actually thinking about it right now, a lot. I’m seated as I write this, and there are people around me. Lots of people. … Continue reading It’s All Action and Reaction in Life

This Thing Called Life…And It’s Madness…

Has it ever occurred to you that your life seems to always follow the same pattern? That there are things you can’t have, and you can’t change about yourself. You try to do things differently, at least escape insanity, but results still remain to be the same: that is very disappointing. It’s not being negative, or paranoid or over thinking, it’s trying to understand how … Continue reading This Thing Called Life…And It’s Madness…

Shouldn’t We Feel Sad…?

We’re grownups, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel sad when someone hurts our feelings. People might think we’re overreacting, but that’s just being honest. It’s being human; because at the end of the day, we’re all fragile. And we all have feelings, we’re all delicate and our hearts want to be embraced every single moment, and when they’re not, we have every right to … Continue reading Shouldn’t We Feel Sad…?

Life AS It Is

You can’t fully and externally testify how a certain situation can break a person, or what kind of a person it can change them to, no matter how empathic you are. Things like these you have to face them personally, you have to be in that particular situation and experience every little bit of its merciless cruelty. Sometimes you think you know what others feel, … Continue reading Life AS It Is

Depression-The Silent Killer In The Midst

  An open letter to the world out there, if you can hear me… “It’s cold in here. Time is moving slow, and I feel the seconds lash out like broken glass. My thoughts are racing so fast in my mind. And my memories clash into each other, but only the worst surfaces up. And I live in those tormenting moments once more. I’m plagued … Continue reading Depression-The Silent Killer In The Midst