Words about life

We always don’t start off from the right foot. But that doesn’t mean we stop and let everything slide just because it doesn’t feel right at the beginning. Some things like happiness, love, success and connections aren’t instantaneous. Most times it’s effort. Most times it’s a gamble led by intuition and passion. Most times it’s putting in more firewood so that the flame can burn … Continue reading Words about life


I know you will find someone else. They might not fill the empty space, or fix you, but they will definitely fill a place you didn’t know was empty inside you and fix a part of you which you didn’t know was broken. Every time you leave someone or they leave you, you’ll always find someone- simply because none of us was meant for a … Continue reading YOU ALWAYS GET TO FIND SOMEONE ELSE- ONLY IF YOU ARE OPEN TO THE IDEA OF IT

Why Love isn’t ‘Love’

It’s not that I don’t believe in love. It’s just that the world has piled it up with so many things….things like infatuations, lust, fear, boredom, insecurities and selfishness. And the real love gets lost completely. I am not hopeless, I am just tired. See, we keep burdening ourselves and subjecting ourselves to responsibilities that we claim are out of love. Instead of treasuring what … Continue reading Why Love isn’t ‘Love’

This Thing Called Life…And It’s Madness…

Has it ever occurred to you that your life seems to always follow the same pattern? That there are things you can’t have, and you can’t change about yourself. You try to do things differently, at least escape insanity, but results still remain to be the same: that is very disappointing. It’s not being negative, or paranoid or over thinking, it’s trying to understand how … Continue reading This Thing Called Life…And It’s Madness…

Life AS It Is

You can’t fully and externally testify how a certain situation can break a person, or what kind of a person it can change them to, no matter how empathic you are. Things like these you have to face them personally, you have to be in that particular situation and experience every little bit of its merciless cruelty. Sometimes you think you know what others feel, … Continue reading Life AS It Is