Words about life

We always don’t start off from the right foot. But that doesn’t mean we stop and let everything slide just because it doesn’t feel right at the beginning. Some things like happiness, love, success and connections aren’t instantaneous. Most times it’s effort. Most times it’s a gamble led by intuition and passion. Most times it’s putting in more firewood so that the flame can burn … Continue reading Words about life

Truth Be Told; You Should Propably Read This….

Truth be told, I haven’t got it all figured out. I’m still working on it- on life, on myself, and with people. I have talked about letting go, asked you- dear readers- to value yourself and focus on what brings you more value. I have written about my life stories and the lessons I believed were respective of each experience and advised you to act … Continue reading Truth Be Told; You Should Propably Read This….